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What is SSI? (cf. My guess: ``Server Side Includes'' (cf.

What is SSI? (cf. My guess: ``Server Side Includes'' (cf.


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Perhaps preferred services could specified in one's profile settings. e.g. ``latlong'' to open in OpenStreetMap, Google map, vel cetera; pos...

Perhaps preferred services could specified in one's profile settings. e.g. ``latlong'' to open in OpenStreetMap, Google map, vel cetera; posts with an ``event'' (vel cetera) token might have a link to a calendar event file of one of various formats (ical, BSD calendar) or a link to an internet calendar/event service. There might be defaults for nonregistered users or registered users who have not explicitly configured it. (I think the default should be some sort of generic link that an HTTP client can handle according to the user's configuration. This is similar ``mailto'' links, which an HTTP client might pass to an electronic mail client. I'm not sure whether there is a standard way to do this. Perhaps via HTTP, it'll use some sane default link, such as, for latlong, OpenStreetMap, or, for events, generating an calendar event file in iCal or BSD calendar format.)
About the ``temps'' or ``zeit'' time specification tokens, I'm unsure what their distinctions oughtta be. I thought it might be about different ways to specify time, e.g. starttime--+duration starttime--endtime, but I think that that's a bit silly, given that different time specification formats can be distinguished using subtler syntactical factors, such as using a ``+'' when specifying the end-time as offset from the start-time, which is efefctively the duration. Perhaps it might be used to specify extraneously different sorts of subsets of the timeline, e.g. ``temps'' might be more for fuzzy generalities, while ``zeit'' might be for more rigorous events. (cf. continental vel analytic philosophical styles)

(I like the dark/black background. I don't really like the green for text. maybe a different green? Maybe a darker red/orange or a brown; probably not a blue, because blue light tends to interfere with the anatomical processes that cause sleepyness.)

By the way, I'd be interested to hack along, if it's open source.
I'd probably be interested in looking at integrating the forum software with TeX, for it's robust typesetting/text-formatting features. I haven't studied TeX fully, yet, so I'm not sure whether it's entirely safe to do so, but I suspect that it is, and I'll enjoy learning more about TeX to ensure that integrating it into the forum is safe. (I think it would be neat if posts were merely PGP-messages which resolve to TeX manuscripts, which can be passed through a TeX processor, to generate a document of whichever of various formats (PDF, DVI, PS, DjVu, ePub, HTML, more, troff,. The web-site (or other server or client) might then show the message in whichever of various formats (as decided by an author, audience, administrator,,) while also having the public keys, signatures, source messages,, verified, online,.)
As you may have noticed, I'd also be interested in having alternative servers/clients. (e.g. So that it's convenient to read/post from the command-line, emacs, a mail client, or it's own client,,) Specifically, I'd be interested in having my a personal instance of this forum software, which chooses which posts/threads/authors/themes/tags to follow, so that whenever something is posted for which I configured my private instance to follow/mirror, my private instance shall download it, and, when I respond to something, the response is first posted to my private instance, then my private instance sends my response back to the appropriate other servers, or notifies some ``subscribed'' clients (or leaves it to clients to sometimes check the forum for new posts in which they may be interested).
Let me know if you're interested. Perhaps post a pointer to to a (possibly nonwritable---I can always here post potential patches) repository. (Having alternative clients/servers additionally requires that the software is well-organized, which means that, if this is to be done, eventually, we'll have more motivation to keep the software well-organized, well-documented,, which will, in the long-term, make it easier to maintain and extent the software. Do you know about literate programming?


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