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Sun, 15 Mar 2020; [Anonymous] 0cc4f721...txt; reply(5); +flag(2);

event/1584745200/? latlong/42.35918,-71.09320 ?

event/1584745200/? latlong/42.35918,-71.09320 ?
If we not met in event/1584745200/900, mail me with your position.

Somewhat counterintuitive using ``event'' for temporal specifaction. Perhaps using ``time'' or a (possibly) translingual synonym; different synonyms would have slight differences; e.g. ``zeit/timespec/durationspec/'' feels different than e.g. ``temps/timespec/durationspec/'' etc.
Also, could be cool if timespec allowed using arbitrary subset of all time (i.e. set of reals); maybe some way to specify alternate timelines (cf. subjunctif mode), maybe as parallel or branches.

Sun, 15 Mar 2020; 41d2f823...txt; reply(10); +flag(3);

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