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Welcome to manual! Thank you for taking a look. May reading this page bring you enlightenment and sureness.




The Profile page is where you can create an identity for yourself.

The "Profile" item in the top menu is italicized when you are signed in.

To create a key, enter a name, and press "Create".

To create a public profile, use the "Create Public Profile" button..

To sign out, use the Sign Out button. You can undo this for a few seconds with the Undo button.


The Write page allows you to post something to the board.

If you are signed in, it will be posted under your account. Otherwise, it will not be signed.

Press Send Message to submit it to the message board.

Your message may not be posted immediately.


Topics page displays the currently active discussion topics.

You can start your own by just posting a message.


Events page lists events that have been posted.

You can post a new event using Add Event page.


Status page has basic information about forum.


Advanced users can tap this to see some technical details.


. If you see this message, the page has finished loading.